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A new aesthetic

We, humans are living in the nature of this material world; nature provides people with a variety of substances essential for survival and also provides numerous offerings other than money and material wealth. We might live to meet people’s spiritual side of things, such as fragrances, dazzling projects , colors , variety of our green land; the birds and beasts. Fish and shrimp scale with insects; mountains and rocks , flat lake and  waterfalls ; beach mud ; cliffs , peaks valley , caught between concave and convex ; bending detour; rough and rugged.

Relaxing beaches, the clean and clear springs and of the muddy water, whirlpools swirling, flower dew, fog and red rosy clouds, sun up and sunset, wind, rain or sunshine , white cloud, ice, blue sky, bright day, green leaves and flowers – all natural materials, providing with no limit or endless spiritual sustenance.

Since ancient times, people through their spiritual journeys including sightseeing tours, flowers songs for willows, leaving many charming musical scores. Countless enchanting poems, leaving many emotions touched. Their desire and praise of nature, no less than people today in terms of vision and creativity!

The importance of time offThe modern holiday enjoyment is being mostly used to endure the journey from fatigue. The pulling involving long-distance, large amount of money to spend, river chasing, river, mountain scenery to enjoy the beauty of nature, all over the world with the same factors. The importance of time off. 

Physicists to the presence of natural substances in the state are being classified as solids, liquid and gases. The chemist also the internal structure of the material was up more than 100 kinds of elements. Atoms, molecules, atoms and molecules are all in motion. And the atoms: protons, neutrons, positrons and spiral lines around them, so electronically. The nuclear physicist also discovered that nuclear fission can be a high degree of aggregation and release of energy, very subtle magic.

In addition,  the Earth is our brace, but in the center of the earth, is the melting temperature of the liquid molten magma , from time to time to the state of hot plasma emitting surface caused by volcanoes, the formation of a new type of surface and seven gorgeous glassy materials , we often see in the crystal , precious stones, jade, granite, marble and so many rare rocks . Delighted nature! Strange nature! Beautiful nature! For our well-being of human happy enough and comfort-able existence, this is providing a beautiful condition.

The Space projectThe universe is  naturally a world full of power, Solar energy, between the planet ‘s gravity, temperature changes caused by the wind, the moon caused by gravitational tidal forces, earthquake and tsunami, heavy rains caused floods and other natural impact Movement of forces, are all trying to wrestle each other. In the temporary of the short time, the balance of power, and everything else will seem to be calm. If any of the weak position of power, and the formation of a sense of vacuum, there will be around to fill the power vacuum in the race to mobility. However, the results of all the wrestling will leave tracks or traces. The level of tilt and rolling hills, sand dunes of the desert scales in pieces, winding rivers, bizarre topography, lines of color blocks, real language cannot be described. If so, the abstract is sufficient to sum all of its term had. The space project shows this struggle

We often focus on the artist painting the concrete and abstract concepts of right and wrong both the severity of the controversy is a waste of a lot of time. I am sure that the natural universe is abstract, what happens is abstract, the most comprehensive and extensive, the most true and the beautiful, which the artist with natural dialogue and interaction with nature is the most free and most enjoy. If you understand and master the natural laws of change, you can also in a square inch of leaf do Anything you want, created mountains and rivers, and fascinating mind the mechanism of image.

My vertical perspective, high-altitude look at landscape series of works, both abstract and has experience on the concrete. In particular, in 2010 of art work to the Space series, and more blinding, even I also feeling intoxicated, with a colorful fantasy, and dream around.

Crumpled Paper TechniqueThis painting , from the whole or larger to see local appears to be high-altitude land, everything was OK abstract , but with a magnifying glass to view it closely, due to different distances, 360 Different degree of orientation, 30 Degrees to the vertical, constantly moving your perspective, you can enjoy the natural beauty of concrete.

If the same idea, through the digital camera to shoot it 3 or 4 hundred different pictures, then using the computer, in particular, enjoying high-definition up a large TV screen, you will be reluctant to leave, fully appreciate the wider world of wonders and scenic or fairy scene in the human world. Or akin to a symphony of abstract and pleasing to the ear, taking you dropped into a new world as people have never been before. It is a continuation of abstract art and the latest results of change.

Changeable art is to provide a richer variety of art to people, which is capable of changing the new images without limit. The appearance of the material, and plus the internal material. Indeed, the natural movement of abstract traces left behind, the pattern design is the most beautiful, and we are fully capable of artists to capture the changes in the law, as we add new aesthetic world of aesthetic taste.


Through such paintings, with no limits I want you to:

Enjoying nature, regardless of timing;

Not spend as much time working, and take time to enjoy the world without being tired;

Everyone can find something new in these pieces, men and women and children;

See new scenery,seeing the same results from different ways;

Be left thinking, just like after dreams, wondering what you saw.

Each piece changes without limit as you look closer and move around it.

They create a Sci-fi feeling, thousands of styles and millions of possibilities!


 The additional poem

Little inch of space, heaven and earth to be all in there

More than natural changes, art tracking.

Macro and micro universe, patterns thousands of cases.

Thousand wire with Wangle, always leaving marks!

Wonders Know? New look may have been seen?

Also the abstract and concrete, poles of the exchange!

Time and space are a links and change as different.

New field of visual images, say so very unique!